...on reaching this Point.  

Your decisions have guided you through many pivotal points in your life.  A slight misstep at any of these ‘Pivot Points’ could have altered your course entirely…but your path has guided you to this very moment...and you have a story that is asking to be shared.


At Pivot Point Films, my mission is to take the time to learn about your story, and with a nod to the past and how you reached this point, I will look forward and film what you want the world to see.  Whether it is your wedding, your new baby, a tutorial on social media, a personal video essay, or promoting your work in your professional arena - any story that showcases your passion - is what I would love to help you capture.


How you got here required your personal light showing you the way.  


Together let’s see the light…and seize the light.  


Videre Lucem.  Carpe Lucem.


I thank you for your consideration.