I often get asked......

What is your creative style?

Hard to pin one style down. I prefer to hear what is needed and communicate with you on what you envision and offer my own ideas to help piece together a story we'll both be proud of.

What kind of equipment do you own?

I have top of the line gear that anyone in the industry would attest to. My camera of choice is the versatile Sony a6500. But I believe you can have the greatest gear on Earth, but if you don't give your product the creative engine and imagiantion it needs to run, then in the end your fancy equipment didn't get you or your client anything of value. It comes down to the story and how it's told.

How much do you cost?

Several factors are necessary to know before bringing your story to life. The duration of the shoot, type of event, necessary travel, type of editing required, and the length of the finished story will all determine the cost. Please click on the "Your Story" link and submit what your creative vision is and we can negotiate something fair.

You mention you're an index fund portfolio manager full time. Can you also give me investment advice if I hire you for a film project?

I suppose I can give my two cents, as I am also a CFA charterholder, but all of your final decisions are yours and should really be taken to a professional who specializes in individual client service. That said, I would recommend heading over to Northern Trust for all your financial needs...and investing in low cost index funds.

So what's the deal with all these "Pivot Points" you mention?

Life is a series of pivot points. Your actions, those in your control and those not, got you here. Those points along the way could've easily have pivoted one way or another, and drove you down a different path. I am fascinated by how sometimes innocuous moments in our past pivot us in a direction that ends up shaping who we are. With Pivot Point Films, I am looking to celebrate those actions and decisions that brought you to where you are today.

That's pretty deep. Can I go back and change any of my pivot points to go in another direction?

Not even I can help you there, my friend. But one time I did see a DeLorean travel to where you might want to go when you hit 88 mph. That could be a start...but do you really want to change how you got here?

Why do you keep saying "Videre Lucem" and "Carpe Lucem"? What does that even mean?

Videre Lucem is Latin for "See the light" and Carpe Lucem means "Seize the light". As photographers and videographers we use our eyes and camera to see the light we need for our story, and then seize it to capture it on film. Seemed fitting for what I love to do, and sounded pretty damn cool also.

Do you really yearn for your hometown NYC pizza over Chicago's??

That discussion is for when we sit down in person....