My Story...

Pivot Point Films is a small videography company based in beautiful downtown Chicago, Illinois.  As founder of Pivot Point Films, I am realizing a dream I've had since I was just a kid - and that is filming and editing stories, and now being able to produce that for you.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, out on Long Island (Exit 52 for my fellow New Yorkers), I created my first video for a school project back in 5th grade.  I fell in love with that creative process way back then, and recently rediscovered my passion for filming and editing.

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Back in 2009 after living in Hell’s Kitchen for six years, my career as an index fund portfolio manager relocated me to the amazing city of Chicago.  I have grown to absolutely love living and working here as Chicago is one of the most terrific places to live…even if it gets a little cold and every now and again I long for my hometown’s pizza…

I created this company purely for the love of the creative process, fulfilling a dream, and being able to share this passion -- and film, edit, and create the videos you need to tell your own story.  I reached this point in my life through many decisions and pivot points as well, just like you have.  I have seen my own personal light guide me here, and I am looking forward to working with you.  Together let's see the light...and seize the light.  

Videre Lucem.   Carpe Lucem.

Thanks for reading my story – now on to Yours!

-Michael J. Gleeman

Founder, Pivot Point Films